Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tyler the Creator

Tyler the creator was born in Los Angeles, California in a Nigerian family. In his young years he had a hobby which would take album covers out of its case and make art covers of his own, which should his sense of imagery and creativeness. At the age of 14 tyler had taught himself how to play the piano which would be the start of his love and desire to play and be apart of music.
He started to write songs on his own, until he realized that he felt he was good enough to go big with this talent he started. Being in love with the world of hip-hop he decided to release his self produced album titled "Bastard." Even though he was in the group "Odd Future," he wanted to make this album his own. In 2010 it ranks 32nd on Pitchfork medias top albums list. For it being his first album, it got great publicity and and showed he was going to be a force in the industry. In 2011 he released his second album "Goblin," which featured the song "Yonkers." The song was a smash hit and it sooner or later became Tylers first music video to air on channels such as MTV and VH1. The video involved him eating a cockroach, throwing up, and wearing creepy black contacts. This actually worked in his benefit because it helped him be weird which overall helped him standout in a crowd of great musicians. He also dissed artist B.O.B and R&B artist Bruno Mars. This did start controversy between the artist but eventually passed over. The video also helped him win the Best New Artist award at the MTV Music Video Awards, and this helped put not just Tyler the Creator on watch, but Odd Future on everybody's radar as well.      

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